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Sedona Village Lodge

get excited, we're expanding! 


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Construction Updates



The SVL addition is going up in our adjacent lot, providing 13 additional - gorgeous! - rooms and suites, as well as more facilities for all our guests! This is including a downstairs Lobby, multiple gathering spaces and a deck to enjoy our beautiful surroundings.  This work is ongoing, with an anticipated completion during Fall 2019. Every attempt is being made to limit disruptions to our guests during the project, however, keep in mind the new building is being constructed right next door to our current building. Please contact us with any questions/concerns - we are very excited about this project and everything that it will offer you, our guests, once it is complete! Continue to check out our website for progress updates. Cheers!

Update May 1st: Things are really moving along! We have our two stories up and are almost finished closing in the walls. Work is happening fast, prepping to get the building wrapped before Monsoon Season gets here! As you can see from the pictures, the building does change some of the views from our Classic building, but will add so much more for everyone’s enjoyment once it is complete. We can’t wait!



Around Town


A unique landscape


Sedona is a magical place - there is nowhere else quite like it!  Located at 4500 ft., here, you will find yourself surrounded by Red Rocks situated in a layer of rock know as the Schnebly Hill Formation.  This thick layer of sandstone ranges from red to orange in color and is found only here in Sedona.  Deposited during the Permian Period, our sandstone is a member of the Supai Group.  From the Sedona Village Lodge we have an up close and personal view of Castle Rock, and are only a short walk to the famous Bell Rock vortex.  


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105 Bell Rock Plaza, Sedona, AZ 86351